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Christmas Car Wiper Sticker

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Santa Claus is Right in Your Car!

Spread the holiday cheer to fellow motorists with your very own Christmas Car Wiper Sticker! It comes in adorable, cute, and funny designs that will put a smile on anyone's face by turning your rear window wiper-blade into a waving hand.

This wiper has a universal size that fits almost any rear-windshield wiper blade. Both the wiper blade arm tag and the window decal are removable and UV protected from fading so it can be reused for years to come.


  • Creative & Festive: specially designed to show off your car's own personality with an image of a waving Santa Claus to spread the holiday cheer
  • Eye-Catching: as an easy and fun way to accessorize your vehicle, enabling your friends to recognise your car in the crowd
  • Wide Compatibility: universal size fits any low-mounted rear and for rears with unusual dimensions, it can be trimmed to fit
  • No Colour Fading: made of high-quality material which is UV-resistant, and that's why no colour fading will exist

  • Both the wiper blade arm tag and the window decal are detachable making it convenient for removal during car washes
  • East to install, just peel and stick
  • Once done using it, you can easily remove it without causing damage or leave any residues on your vehicle

How to Install

  • Clean and dry rear window and wiper thoroughly
  • Attach the arm part to the wiper, you will be able to adjust slightly left or right as necessary
  • Before removing back of the decal, align to the correct side of the wiper for positioning
  • If needed, you can trim the decal to fit around the wiper arm if yours is mounted through the window
  • Remove decal backing, align level and from the bottom up gently lay the decal on the window pushing out any wrinkles on the way up
  • Remove and realign if needed, you may save the paper backing if you want to reuse each season
  • Push any wrinkles or bubbles towards the outside of the decal
  • To remove, simply pick off an edge and slowly peel off, then apply back to the original paper


  • Material: PVC + adhesive backing
  • Arm Size: 12” x 3.5” (L x H)
  • Body Size: 13.77” x 11.41”
  • Weight: 3.35oz 

Package Includes

  • 1 x Christmas Car Wiper Sticker

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